Rome was not built in a day!!!!

Nations are not built by the bureaucrates alone but are created and supported by the citizens of the country. So the questions which lies in front of all of us is " Can our nation become a superpower in the coming years?"

India with its growing polulation is predicted to reach the No.3 spot by 2020 (going by few studies conducted, its already there by purchasing power parity), surpassing Japan, and trailing only after China and the USA.

Rising income, as per a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report India would be the third largest consumer market in the world by 2025.

Education and skills: Focus should be on fostering innovation and entreprenuership

Institutes like Stanford and Harvard, attracting talent

1) Unbiased law & order 2 ) Excellent Infrastructure which is eco sensitive as well. 3) Scrap the present history books & bring in the New ones which tells about our great epic warriors & also to tell the future generation why we lost against a third class mogul army & British. Let's teach them the power of unity which we lacked at that time. 4) Preserve our forests & rivers pristine. 5) Make India manufacturing hub of the world there by creating employment opportunities. 6) Remove article 370 from Kashmir bring uniform civil code . 7) let's build our military might second to none. 8) Encourage students to develop scientific temperament. 9) let's learn from Israel & implement their techniques for agriculture & water conservation. 10) Let's encourage our children to take sports & fitness seriously right from their childhood. Aim for 100 medals tally at Olympics.

3rd largest economy

defence system






technology/skill orientation

culture-music, art